Speech from Sept 14 2016

Welcome everyone to the Action for public housing rally to defend public housing and fairness in this fair city.


First of all we acknowledge the traditional owners of the land on which we stand and we pay homage to their elders past and present.

We have at the moment a nsw Gov led by Mike Baird of attacking public housing.  This Gov is evicting tenants and selling their homes in the middle of a affordability crisis for housing in this city.

Action for public housing aims to bring together tenants and all people who value public housing and fairness in this city in a united way to fight the Baird Gov.  We have tenants from Glebe, Millers pt, Waterloo, the Eastern suburbs and many other places here today.  No matter where you come from you can all testify to the damage this government is wreaking on their communities.  You will hear from some of them shortly.


What Baird and his minister don’t understand is that public housing is a precious part of the housing system not a cash cow to prop up a budget or two.


Housing is a right and Gov has a duty to supply them.  The markets won’t supply them, the billionaires won’t supply.

The Baird gov has a policy that you find at the end of rainbow namely a fund of private money and a little gov money.  Won’t work, doesn’t exist!


People in public housing have helped build this city and they have a right to live out the rest of their days in this city.  We say we built this city and we won’t be driven from it!


We want an end to treating tenants as pawns to be moved around at a whim.  Imagine Mike Baird’s mother suddenly having to move miles from her home- wouldn’t happen! So why should it happen to public housing tenants?


We are sick of the social cleansing that is happening everywhere in this city.

Support public housing!