About Action for Public Housing

Save our homes

Save our communities

A national disgrace is happening before our eyes — the privatisation and destruction of public housing in the midst of a housing crisis.

The Government says it will build more public housing but it has evicted 3,200 people. It has built only 1,500 homes while the waiting list grows past 60,000.

Public housing is a social asset which should be cherished but the NSW Government looks at it as real estate to make profit.

All citizens of NSW have contributed to its wealth and have the right to share in its prosperity. This includes the right to a decent, well-maintained, affordable home for themselves and their families.

Public housing is subsidised housing, not charity. It is a positive element of the whole housing system.

Refurbishment and renovation are cheaper than demolition. This approach also reduces the destruction of communities and the distress of many public housing tenants.

Recurrent health expenditure in NSW is 86% subsidised. Public housing should equally be subsidised from stamp duty and land tax.

Governments must plan housing development in response to social needs, not the wishes of greedy developers.